$90 million needed for Gweru water system: GCC

… As residents associations call for water conserving measures

Tinaani Nyabereka

Gweru -Gweru City Council (GCC) recently stated the need for a $90 million package for reestablishment of the city’s water systems which has old and not functional water pumps among other facilities.

Speaking at a meeting held recently at Gweru Council Director of Engineering services Robson Manase said that the pumps that supply water to different parts of Gweru have been over used as they need repair and maintenance

Manase added that Gwenhoro and Mapongokwe dam were in need of expansion and installation of new pumps and a pumping station.

“Our dams need expansion because they are not that big hence they are not properly located.  So   Gwenhoro can only supply water to our residents for approximately  eight  months because much water was lost due to extreme evaporation which was experienced due to much heat. More so four new pumps are required to be installed as replacement for the old ones.

“We have need of a new pumping station at Mapongokwe dam, to ensure a good circulation of water to the residents it supplies, and about $35 million is the required amount to buy and replace those things,” he said.

He further said council was not able to store water in tanks for residents in case of emergence since they are not in a position to keep the water when residents are in short.

“We also cannot fill the tanks for emergence purposes when the residents are always in short supply of water. Our cars also need repairs so  they can attend to emergence breakages, some of our 48 hour emergence tanks are not functional therefore our cars needs to repaired so they can attend to them,” said Manase.

Speaking to The Midlands Observer, Gweru Residents and Ratepayers Association (GRAA) President Seliphiwe Cornelia said residents proposed ideas to help the city council on conserving remaining water in a meeting which was held last week.

“As residents we have come up with ideas we think can be of help to the council in saving our remaining water and also to help them find other mechanisms to raise revenue for the rehabilitation of our water services. We were told that the water we have now can only sustain the city for the next eight coming months hence to us as residents it’s a serious issue and we have to use water wisely.

“We feel various mechanisms need to be put in place to help in saving water and this start with disseminating educative information to the residents because information is important. Many of our residents might not be aware of the situation on the ground .so we want to take civic education to our residents in Gweru through various all ways so that we educate them and notify them,” he said.

Gweru Residents Forum (GRF) Director, Charles Mazorodze said there was need for a holistic approach regarding water rationing to save water.

“Gweru has vast water bodies such as Amapongokwe, White waters and Ngamo dams which have large water capacities but the issue of pumping capacity need to be address to improve the city water supplies.so there is need for our water structures to be worked on and a holistic approach is need to save the available water we have for the benefit of the city

“Secondly the water and sewer services accounts needs to be ring fenced so that the city engineer can have adequate resources to plough back to the water service infrastructure. The current state of affairs whereby the water account is being used across all departments is not sustainable,” said Mazorodze.

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