Whata reopens studio

By Mike Chakwana

Kwekwe born and bred hip-hop producer Wesley Whata (23) also known as Dj Wessy re-opens his 2ice studio in Mbizo after it has been closed for the past 4 years.

During the past 4 years the hip hop producer was studying Local Governance at the Midlands State University and the studio was closed whilst he was at school.

Now the Kwekwe born DJ has now re-opened his local hip hop studio for the Kwekwe hip-hop youngsters.

In an interview with The Midlands Observer, Dj Wessy said that, the 2ice is now open to promote the hip hop genre through producing music for the local hip-hop artists. I am also whiling that as time goes on l will be famous like other producers in Zimbabwe and l will grow hip-hop music by producing best songs for the artists and fans.

“l closed the studio because l didn’t want to mix two things at the same time but now am into the music industry full time since am still looking for a job,” said Whata.

“When the studio was opened in 2014 it started to record with some of the local hip-hop artists like Swady, Trap Dawg, Mareza, Savage Kid and Cuty,” said Whata.

“More producers are now into zimdancehall music but 2ice has come in the industry of music to promote hip hop youngsters for them to be recognised in the community,” he said.

He further explained that, 2ice studio is there to promote the local hip-hop artists as well to earn a living through producing songs.

“In Kwekwe being a producer is difficult and we are facing challenge like lack of effective local marketing platform for example absence of a radio station,” said Whata.

“My aim of re-opening the 2ice studio was to embrace the distinctiveness, developing the craft of writing songs and performing the creation, “said Whata.

“As a hip hop producer am now getting help from the Kwekwe based producers Dj Ellie and King Percy of Madcool Records who are now working with me in my music production and the assistance on voice processing,” he said.

“My parents also supported me in re-opening my studio but during my 4 years at MSU they advise me to close the studio since education is the key to success in life,” he said.

He concluded that sometimes music it’s all about leisure and giving the local hip-hop artist to showcase their talents and they also must show the passion to the music.

Midlands province have produced some best producers like Dj Stavo who is now involved in the international music and DJ Oskidy.

 The studio is also supported by Vinz Entertainment which is owned by Dj Alvino and he will also be marketing hip-hop artist at the 2ice studio.

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