Thief breaks, steal beer, cigars

Court Reporter

The love of beer and free cigarettes landed a Silobela man in court last week after he was hauled for theft and unlawful entry.

Kwekwe Magistrate, Tayengwa Sangster sentenced him to 9 months in prison with a 3 month suspension basing on good behaviour.

He is facing charges of unlawful entry and theft.

Matshobana Machona (42) committed the offence on the 2nd of March 2019. It is said he broke the side window of the household in Silobela before making an unlawful entry knowing that the house he’s entering does not belong to him.

After making his entry, the accused stole $110, a bottle of Two Keys whiskey, 10 boxes of Tiger match boxes, a box of Pacific cigarettes and 9 more cigarettes of Madison.

However, Machona had no defence to offer thus he pleaded guilty to the offence.

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