Silobela thief jailed

By Sibusisiwe Ngulube

A Silobela man who had run amok stealing from shops and homesteads has been sentenced to one year behind bars with two months suspended on condition of good behavior.

Sibonokhule Dube (27) was facing three counts of theft when he appeared befor Kwekwe Magistrate Tayengwa Sangster.

Dube in February 2019 went to Chief Sigodho area, broke into a house at night when the owner of the house was not present and took four axes, ten kilograms of roller meal, and a pair of safety shoes.

Dube pleaded guilty before the court as he sincerely confessed that he was under the influence of alcohol when he broke into the house.

 “ l was under the influence of alcohol when l stole the goods as earlier on had one bottle of 750 Two keys whiskey,” said Dube.

on 12 February 2019 Dube allegedly broke into a shop belonging to Privilege Moyo and stole eleven packets of surf, five Vaseline, four litres drinks and counter books, however the accused plead not guilty to this charge,

 “I did not go to the shops on this stated day l was at home, they are falsely accusing me of a crime that l did not commit,” said Dube. 

Mutholiwe Sibanda accused Dube of breaking into his house. He used an axe to break the door, took two suitcases with clothes, solar panel and a 400 volts speaker and inventor, the accused pleaded guilty before the court.

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