Armyworm outbreak hits farmers

By Taurai Maunga

An army worm attack has hit Kwekwe with farmers facing a higher risking of losing crops.

Kwekwe has a total of 41254 households that’s has about 22639 hectares to grow crops and that 22639 hectares which is planted has been scotched with low rainfall. 4213 hectors of maize in Kwekwe has been destroyed by an outbreak of armyworm, of which the district is already in a drought situation because of low rainfall.

 Kwekwe District Administrator  Fortune Mupungu said the outbreak of this pest disease will cause drought in Kwekwe if the farmers fail to prevent their crops from this destructive garden pest by using appropriate pesticides.

“Farmers and also residents who plant maize should be aware of the outbreak of armyworm a pest which destroys crops especially maize to prevent drought, they should use the appropriate pesticides. The only good news is that the Kwekwe Grain Marketing Board has enough stock to feed the Kwekwe citizens and they are selling the maize on a fair price which is $20 a bag,” he said.

The Kwekwe District Administration office is working with Agritex to help the farmers against this pest.

Talking to this publication the Kwekwe District Crop and Livestock Officer Virginia Mare said that many farmers have been assisted by the government with pesticides like Lamda, Tide and Tide plus.

‘’The Government has assisted the Kwekwe farmers with pesticides that can kill the armyworm and farmers also  have open programmes which are known as Farmer School were they will be taught on how to prevent the pest and other things about farming,” said Mare.

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