Two die in crocodile attacks

Arthur Tagara

Two people have died in separate crocodile attacks in Kwekwe District, The Midlands Observer has learnt.

The attacks which took place in Riverside Resettlement area and Chief Ruya area, Silobela has left villagers in the area in shock.

In the Riverside incident a 17 year old boy was mauled to death by a crocodile whilst fishing in Sebakwe River.

The 17 year old boy (name withheld) was attacked whilst fetching water from the river with his elder brother.

Zibagwe Rural District Council Chief Executive Officer Farayi  Machaya told The Midlands Observer that the deceased got attacked whilst trying to fetch water with a 20 litre bucket from the river shore at a local fishing spot.

“From the information we got, we heard that the deceased went to fetch water with a scorch cut with his big brother,” Machaya said.

“He was then attacked and killed by the crocodile whilst trying to fill up a 20 litre bucket with drinking water from the river,” he added.                                                     

In another related case a 25 year old man From Chief Ruya area, Silobela recently died and another was seriously injured when they were attacked by a crocodile whilst poaching fish.

The incident took place in ward 19 in Silobela.

Mapupo Ndlovu a game ranger with Parks and Wild Life told this publication that the two were attacked whilst poaching fish in a nearby dam.

“The two were practising illegal fish poaching from a nearby dam were they got attacked by this killer crocodile,” he said.

“On arrival on the place on which the attack took place, our team managed only to retrieve the head of the deceased,” he said.

“By the time we arrived, the crocodile had already disappeared from the place of the incident with the body of the deceased not being found but only his head,” he said.

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