The Holy Qur’aan Speaks

Overcoming Sadness

“Do not be troubled or depressed for the almighty is with us (at all times)”. (chapter 9 verse 40)

If and when we go through any trial and test in life, we must realise that such circumstance arise by divine will and that anxiety and despair are not going to help us solve our problems in the least .They will in fact make the problem worse and at times even create for us an imaginary problem from nothing .It is the special focus on our connection with the almighty and the fact that he is ever so close to us ,which will bring about a sense of calmness and help keep us in the right frame of mind.

Thinking up solution to our problems is best done when we are in the right frame of mind free from hopelessness and despair .In reality, whether we worry or not, what is going to happen will happen, so we’d rather go through it without worrying .This will increase our chance of rapid recovery from our dilemmas and help us get up on to our feet again .At times what appears to us as being difficult situation may in fact be better for us than any other situation we could have had.

A person who has firm belief in the almighty will always be further away from sadness, depression and anxiety than one who does not have such belief .This is because he understands that the almighty is always by his side.

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