Stock theft land man in court

By Mike Chakwana

A Zhombe man was hauled before Kwekwe Magistrate Courts after he was nabbed by the police. 

The accused appeared before Magistrate Story Rushambwa to answer to charges of stock theft being levelled at them by the state.

The state heard that on the 9th of January 2018, Samuel Veta was allegedly involved in a stock theft together with Masango who is still on the run and the police are still investigating the matter.

The beast which was stolen and slotted belonged to Isheanesu Mabhena.

A close source to this publication indicated that joint investigation operations by the police and village watch guard led to the recovery of the beast.

State papers attested that the missing beast amounted to $320 and the meat was recovered since the accused had slaughtered the beast.

In defense, the accused told the court that Isheanesu Mabhena’s beasts were being kept at his brother in law’s place and the cow went missing for three days.

“The complainant’s cattle and ours went missing and some of them were recovered but only one cow was missing,” said Veta.

He added that a villager told them that a beast was slaughtered at the hill and they managed to know the cattle due to the remains.

“We parted ways with the other villagers and my brother took me to Masango’s place saying that he was being assaulted by the villagers,” said Veta.

“Masango told me that there are allegations that we had stolen the beast,” he said.

“The villagers started assaulting me saying that we had a collaboration with Masango. Masango took the villagers and the police to the other hill that he had kept the meat,” he said.

All the meat was recovered by the villagers and the police.

The case was postponed to 13 February 2018 since Mabhena did not appear in court.

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