Silobela teacher stabbed to death

By Arthur Tagara

A teacher from Silobela was fatally stabbed to death after he rescued a woman from being killed by her husband.

The now deceased Richmore Mutombwe died as he tried to advice the couple to resolve their issue amicably.

It has been gathered that the tragic incident took place at a drinking spot in Silobela last week where Mutombwe was drinking beer with his friends.

Chief Ruya told The Midlands Observer that the tragedy occurred in his area ward 19.

He said the now deceased is suspected to have been stabbed by Alois Ndemera when he tried to intervene in a marital dispute.

“Ndemera went to his wife a shopkeeper demanding money that she had made during the business hours,” Chief Ruya said.

He explained that Ndemera came to his wife on the evening, drunk, demanding to be given money that she had made.

Chief Ruya said the husband was not satisfied with the money that he was given that’s when an altercation ensued.

At that point it was said Ndemera started to chase his wife brandishing a knife intending to stab her for not giving him the exact amount of the day’s proceeds.

It is gathered that’s when the wife fled to the next shop were Mutombwe was drinking beer with his friends.

 Mutombwe is said to have tried to intervene that’s when it is said Ndemera then turned and stabbed him to death.

Ndemera who is still at large is said to have fled from the scene.

Midlands Police Spokesperson Assistant Inspector Joel Goko, said police have launched investigations.

“Our police officers are still carrying out investigations currently,” Asst Inspector Goko said.

“The body of the deceased has been ferried to Bulawayo for post mortem.’’ he added.

“For now we have managed to reach the family of the deceased person,” Goko said.

However other rumours are saying that, Mutombwe was stabbed to death by Ndemera for cheating with his wife. 

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