‘Powerful politicians costing Kwekwe’

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Kwekwe City Council which is reeling from constrained cash inflows is further being drowned by the interference of powerful politicians who are fuelling illegal operations in the city, a top official has revealed.

Kwekwe Deputy Mayor Shadreck Tobaiwa has said interference by powerful politicians in the city is not only costing the city huge sums of money but is also hampering development in the gold mining city.

Making his contribution to an ongoing debate on the demolishing of illegal tuckshops at a recently held full council meeting Tobaiwa said the city must name and shame the politicians who are using their clout to promote illegality in the city.

Tobaiwa said there mustn’t be sacred cows during the exercise.

“Whilst we are talking about bringing sanity to our city. There are some politicians with clout who are conducting illegal businesses within the city.

“When we are to conduct this operation we must just destroy an illegal structure indiscriminately not to leave out other structures because there are of certain powerful politicians. We will have to expose those with illegal structures,” said Tobaiwa.

Acting Kwekwe City Town Clerk Lucia Mkandla said the city was losing out on revenue because of the obtaining illegality.

“We have to curb down on the influx of these illegal structures. We are going to pull them down and we are going to clampdown on any form of illegal vending,” the city boss said.

She said council was going to come down heavily on illegal businesses.

“We are not seeking to legalise the illegal. We have to dismantle the illegal structures and let us have proper businesses which are run in a proper manner.

“I am cognizant of the fact that we are experiencing economic challenges and people are looking for means of survival but business must be conducted in a proper manner.

“This is an urban area and we must have control of our population,” she said.

Mkandla further said the illegal structures are proving to be breeding grounds of diseases a hazard which the city seeks to prevent.

Meanwhile also making a contribution councillor Washington Moyo said council must consider roping in the army to kick out vendors from the streets.

“Our security personnel are very ineffective as they are getting too friendly with the vendors. When you remove them you will find them back on the streets again,” he said before adding, “its either we rope in the army to remove them or if we fail we just allow them to conduct their business,” he said.

The suggestion was shot down by finance committee chairperson Silas Mukaro who said law enforcement must be left to the police and not the army.

“When our security fails to deal with the issue of vendors we must rope in the police and not the army. We are insisting that the army must go back to the barracks,” he said.

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