Mbanga mbanga band trying to retrace Dhewa steps

By Taurai Maunga

A local Sungura band led by Thulani Sayi has come to take over from were the late Kwekwe music icon Tongai Moyo left.

Thulani Sayi and Mbanga Mbanga Express is a new sungura band set to put Kwekwe on the map. The group is made up of seven members, Thulani Sayi, Richard Phiri, Ernest Chibaya, Liberty Wedza, Bekitemba Sayi and Thomas Sinyoro.

Thulani Sayi and Mbanga Mbanga Express released their first album on the 27th of January this year titled Mushoriwa with six titles recorded at Thru Torn Studios in Harare. The six titled tracks on this album are Maboss, Varimhiri, Nzou, Kuchera, Basa and Vaenzi.

Sayi said he had come a long way before he started singing.

“I have come a long way, I started as a security guard before I got my contract at Zimasco to supply tegmet. I then decided to start my own business to open a bottle store and on weekends we usually hire people to come and perform but my friend Richard Phiri then advised me to buy my own instruments and then I did so. After everything was gathered the instruments and the people who play them we had one problem there was no one to sing. I then started to dream my own songs and I wrote them down,” he said.

“I have wrote many songs but I decided to record one album and we are receiving positive comments from the people because we have hosted many live shows around Kwekwe the people are loving our music,” said Sayi.

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