Marauding lions on the loose in Silobela

Arthur Tagara

Villagers and Farmers in Silobela, Village 2, Chief Gobo area, are living in fear of marauding lions threatening human lives and livestock.

Chief Gobo expressed concern over the development which is now a threat to the villagers and livestock in his community.

“Last week, one villager came to report that he had lost one of his cows and that is a big blow to people like us who rely on cattle breeding,” he said.

“Our wish is to see people being compensated because this is a huge matter that makes people feel unworthy and unrecognised”

“Those animals are dangerous, so we do nothing as we fear for our lives,” he said.

“We are pleading for help as soon as possible before we record any loss of human life,” said Chief Gobo.

“Early this morning, some men came to my homestead saying they saw lion footprints cutting across the main dusty road which goes to the river,” Chief Gobo said.

“One of my security  detail came reporting that he saw the lion at the river drinking water,” he added.

Mapupo Ndhlovu from Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife told this publication that they received reports recently from the District Administrator’s office concerning the issue of a lion that is threatening the lives of the people in Silobela.

“We received reports from Silobela concerning the issues of this Lion which are threatening lives in Silobela,” he said.

“What is happening to the people of Silobela needs to be addressed within the shortest period of time before any further damage is encountered by the villagers,” Ndlovu said.

“As game ranchers we are not in a position to tell exactly where these lions are coming from.

But I am quite sure that hunger might have pushed these lions to travel from one place to the other in search of food,” he said.

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