Man dies after mysterious decapitated head found in yard

By Arthur Tagara

A man died a day after a decapitated head was found in his yard in an incident which has left Silobela villagers living in palpable fear.

Police are still investigating the case to ascertain the identity of the mysterious head.

Silobela paramount Chief Solomon Malisa said the village was still to come to terms with the strange incident.

“I can confirm that the incident took place in my area. The police informed me about the case. I understand they are conducting investigations of what transpired. I will be able to have more information after the conclusion of the investigations,” Malisa said.

Villagers said the mysterious head was discovered at Mugukubas’ homestead.

It was gathered from sources that after police had retrieved the head from the yard a family member died the following morning.

“A head was discovered at Mugukubas’ homestead and a family member mysterious lost life the following morning after police had retrieved the head,” a villager told The Mildands Observer.

The identity of the head is yet to be established.

Silobela MP Mthokhozisa Manoki Mpofu said he is disturbed with the increases in deaths in the constituency.

“I can confirm that a decapitated head was discovered in my constituency and I understand police are conducting investigations.

“I however, would like to point out that

Issues of murder are on the increase in my constituency. I am calling for police intervention into the issue.

“On a weekly basis we are receiving cases of murder from the police, of bodies that are being found dead,’’ he added.

Meanwhile, Midlands Provincial Police Spokesperson Joel Goko said police are investigating the issue.

“Our police in Silobela have kept the head of the unknown deceased at their station,” Goko said.

“Investigations are still in progress as our police officers are trying to identify and have detailed information about the head they are holding custody at their station. More information shall be unveiled as investigations proceed. We shall update our locals of the case as investigations proceed,” he said.

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