Magistrates, Judges urged to be objective

By Tinaani Nyabereka

Gweru- Magistrates and Judges were called upon to uphold fairness when dealing with cases in courts.

Speaking at the official  opening of this year‘s  High Court legal year in Gweru  Judge Justice Mabhikwa said it was time the police and the prosecutors work together from the investigation stage to gather all required facts.

“I call upon our magistrates and judges in the dispensation of justice to remain impartial lest they be asked to recurse themselves because no case should be brought to court half baked.

“Prosecutors and the police should work hand in hand in gathering the facts,                                                   profer the correct charge and then select their witness properly before taking the matters to court.

He further said the joint efforts of the Government and the Judiciary Service is putting in place the specialized anti-corruption courts which will deal with corruption.

“The joint efforts of Government and the judiciary system is putting in place a specialized anti-corruption court to deal with most corruption cases.

“It is my fervent wish that all those institutions in the justice judiciary system be revisited and be recapitalised and where necessary be revamped completely to equip them adequately for the fight against corruption,” he said.

Mabhikwa said social evils such as corruption, money laundering, and other economic crimes have become cancerous as they will eat into the fabric of the society as those involved in such issues create a jungle situation deliberately.

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