Landlord hauls abusive ex tenants to court

By Mike Chakwana

A former landlord who was riled by his ex tenants insulting and assaulting him approached the Kwekwe Civil Courts seeking relief.

Unity Mandla Moyo appeared before Magistrate Vimbai Mtukwa seeking a peace order.

According to Moyo, his former tenants Artwell Tavengwa and Janet Nzara were harassing him over property he was holding in trust over rent arrears.

“The two came to my house on the 22nd of January 2018 were they insulted me with vulgar words. The two have a tendency of coming to my house insulting me and they claim that l had some property that belonged to them. The property that they are claiming belonged to Nzara’s ex husband whom she was living with during her stay as my tenant,” said Moyo.

He further added that the two had a balance during their stay at his house so had reached an understanding with the ex-husband to keep the property until he settled the arrears.

Tavengwa and Nzara told the court that their intention of going to Moyo’s home was to collect their belongings.

“We didn’t insult anyone,” they said.

Magistrate Mtukwa granted the protection order which prohibits the defendants from visiting the complainant’s homestead.

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