Gweru Council on public toilets ehabilitation drive

By Tinaani Nyabereka

Gweru City Council in partnership with Unki Mine has embarked in the rehabilitation of public toilets in the Central Business District.

Town Clerk Elizabeth Gwatipedza said the company had already started work, which will improve the hygiene of council public toilets.

“We have engaged Unki Mine on the programme and they are going to assist us in the rehabilitation of five public toilets but we are planning to get more partners then we can rebrand our toilets. Work has already started in one of the toilets,” she said.

Council Health Director Samson Sekenhamo confirmed that work had already begun on the Irvine Terminus public toilet, near the Government Complex, on Thursday.

“Some of the toilets had become a serious health hazard since it was abandoned sometime back when Senga/Nehosho commuter omnibuses were moved to the TM Terminus,” said Sekenhamo.

Vendors based at the terminus expressed gratitude with the program saying the terminus was deserted for many years due to the bad state of the ablution facilities.

Fruits and vegetable vendor Tilia Mushizha said since the toilets were rehabilitated there was need for commuter buses which go to Senga to be returned to the bay for business to go well.

“We are grateful to the council with regards to the rehabilitation of the toilets, the place was now in bad shape because you couldn’t even enter to use the facilities. We were even afraid that a cholera outbreak would start.

“We now plead with the council to bring back the Senga and Midlands State University (MSU) commuter buses back to their bay because if you look now the kombis which are here are very few .even in terms of business it’s low because people who board here are few. The TM rank is now congested,” she said.

Another vendor Makwamure Faith urged council to protect the toilet and put someone in charge of monitoring its use so that people don’t mess.

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