Econet, Cassava contributing 36% of ZimStock Exchange

Tinaani Nyabereka

Gweru– Econet and Cassava have been put on the spotlight asgrowing Institutions in Zimbabwe which are contributing immensely to the country‘s economy.

Speaking at a Conference on Sustainable Economic transformation, innovation and Governance in Emerging Economies at Midlands State University yesterday Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, Chief Executive Officer Douglas Mbowenisaid, through digitalisation the two institutions have managed to maximise efficiency to the country’s economy recently by contributing over 36% to the stock exchange.

“In Zimbabwe our trends of doing business now relies on digitalization and innovation to maximise efficiency because everything is now digitalized. Technology has moved very fast hence as communities and individuals we need to follow byupgrading ourselves. Technologicalplatforms are now the key parameters we look at for business viability in today’s business circles.

“right now as of the current standing at the Zimstock exchange we shocked to know that Eco net and Cassava are actually in the top 5 .They  are contributing over  36% of the value of Zimbabwe stock exchange which is 7.7 billion of 21.1billion all this because  of digitalisation” he said

Mboweni said the traditional business no longer have room in the Zimbabwean economy saying   digital  components such as  big data,  cloud computing and Robotics  now stand as key elements in driving  economies and institutions further in digital transformation. 

“if we compare traditional business with the digital one traditional no longer have room in our economy because digital elements such as cloud computing and robotics now drive business operations.

“ I urged you to incorporate time ,the reason why we don’t attain goals at institutions  because we leave time out .success is marked by an equation were by it requires a plan plus resources then lastly execution .I  know  most of us on the executing we suffer again” he  said .

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