ZCIEA cleans up CBD

By Mike Chakwana

 The Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Economy Association recently held a clean-up campaign which was aimed at raising public awareness on waste management.

The campaign was led by their national treasurer Givas Maririmba who hastened to say that the campaign was intended to promote a clean and healthy environment especially the vending areas.

“As Kwekwe residents we are inspired by a clean environment so we found it necessary as an organisation to make sure our environment gets clean,” he said.

In an interview with The Midlands Observer, Maririmba further clarified that they are also working hand in glove with the Kwekwe City Council which seeks to promote a clean and healthy environment.

“We are working in conjunction with Kwekwe Council which has added some working equipments as it seeks to uphold a clean and healthy environment,” he added.

Maririmba mentioned that this is their first time to be holding a clean-up campaign and they are going to continue with the campaigns going into the local areas such as Mbizo and Amaveni.

“As an organisation our main aim is to educate, empower and to represent the people in the informal sector,” he said.

Maririmba urged citizens to develop a cleaning attitude as this is going to help in making the city of gold a world class in the next coming years.

“The environment must be kept clean to avoid disease like cholera and as an organisation we are mainly targeting some dump areas,” he added.

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