Mystery tree shakes Rutendo

The densely populated Rutendo surburb, Redcliff became the subject of discussion on Monday after a tree previously uprooted by rains ‘sprang’ back to life the following day near Mutegude Shopping Centre.

The Midlands Observer newsroom was inundated with calls from the suburb with its residents calling out the news crew to chronicle the “miracle rejuvenation” of the tree.

According to sources the tree was uprooted by strong winds that hit the surburb over the weekend. It is said some residents rushed to chop its branches for firewood before leaving the trunk lying down at the spot.

To the surprise of the residents on Monday morning the trunk minus the branches was standing firm on the previous spot it had stood for years.

“We are not sure how this happened but this tree fell due to ghastly winds and people rushed to cut its branches for firewood. Today I just heard people saying that the tree trunk was back on its spot with roots firly stuck to the ground that’s when I rushed here to see,” said one resident Elias Tabvei.

An old woman who spoke to this publication on condition of anonymity said that this is not a new phenomenon as it once happened in the same suburb.

“This is not new it once happened at a certain traditional healer’s house. A tree was uprooted and the following day it sprang back to life,”she said.

She could not be drawn into commenting whether there is a likely chance that the incidents are interlinked.

“I am afraid I can not speak about that but the traditional healer is now late,” she said.

Other schools of thought said that the tree could have not been totally uprooted and it was raised back to life by the same hard winds.

“Maybe when the tree fell some of its roots were still holding intact to the soil so when it was exposed to the same winds it came back to position,” said one resident who refused to be named.

This theory however has been brushed off by residents in the suburb who question the speed and force of the wind which can raise a tree back to its place.

To add to the mystery is the name of a nearby street named Chirorodziva which is translated to mean “pool of the fallen or sleeping pool” associated with an 1830 event and spirit mediums but whats in a name?

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