My husband’s goblins tearing family apart

By Staff Reporter

A marriage of 40 years is on the rocks following startling revelations that goblin claims are at the centre of the family’s misfortune.

The marriage between Godfrey Sibanda and employee with Silobela General Hospital and his wife Sostina Mushonga has irretrievably broken that it is now headed for a divorce following claims by Mushonga that her husband is in possession of goblins might be in possession of goblins.

“My husband knows what is wrong with our marriage,” Mushonga told Kwekwe Magistrate Vimbaiu Mutukwa as she sought to block the protection order which was initiated b y Sibanda.

The couple it has been gathered has for the past four years not been living together because of the goblin allegations.

“We consulted traditional leaders and spiritual healers and they told us that there are spiritual problems within my husband’s family. All those whom we visited told us the same story.

“We were told in all those consultations that there were deep spiritual issues within my husband’s family which need redress. There is need for cleansing within the family so that the family will be able to progress,” she said.

Mushonga indicated that the dark spiritual clouds over the family have caused their children not to prosper in their endeavors.

The situation she said has also left them not owning any worldly possession.

A tearful Sibanda however dismissed the goblin claims.

“I don’t have any goblins. If I had them maybe I would have been rich by now but I am still poor. I don’t even own a wheelbarrow in my life,” he said.

Sibanda added that he decided to seek the protection order from his wife whom he said is abusing him.

“She follows me to my workplace and shouts at me in front of colleagues. Her expletives when she is drunk has left me a worthless person in front of my friends. What I just want is to be granted peace from this woman.

“Her obsession with witch doctors has left me broke as I used to comply with her orders has left me broke and broken. The main reason why we always quarrel is because I told my wife that I no longer have anything to do with nang’as as they disturb me in praying as I am a Christian,” he said.

Mushonga however, retorted and told the court that her husband wanted to take in a second wife and was therefore using the peace order as a smoke screen.

Mutukwa however, advised the couple to seek for a divorce if they felt they could not continue with the marriage.

“You are still legally married and this union can only be terminated by a court. As for the husband it will be illegal for him to take in a second wife as this marriage still subsists and that is called bigamy and it’s a criminal offence which attracts a jail term.

“When we are speaking of domestic violence we are not only referring to physical abuse but we also refer to emotional abuse. And by consistently reminding your husband about this issue that is emotional abuse,” Mutukwa said.

She granted the protection order and said Mushonga was not barred from visiting the husband’s workplace provided she maintained peace.

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