Mining explosives lands man in court

By Mike Chakwana

A man from Kwekwe was arrested at Rainbow Towers Hotel, Harare after he was found in possession of mining explosives by the police.

It is the state’s case that on the 19th of January 2019, Latimbo Sambo of Mbizo was found in possession of explosives and some 25metre string that was used to connect the explosive.

The accused appeared before Kwekwe Magistrate, Story Rushambwa facing charges of  possessing explosives without a licence.

The accused pleaded guilty to the charge.

In defence, the accused told the court that the explosives that he was found with were being used at the mine since he was a gold miner.

“l use these explosives in mining and that’s were l get money to look for my family since l am a father of three,” said Sambo.

The accused was arrested by Detective Ndlovu and his colleagues following a tip off by the public.

”l admit that l was found in possession of some mining explosives and the police also searched me if l had anything to do with weapons,” he said.

“You should have produced a license for the explosives to the police because the things that you had are dangerous weapons to the environment,” said Rushambwa.

Rushambwa added that the type of business that he was into needed a license to transport the explosives.

The accused was ordered to pay $200 fine and if not he will be jailed for 2 months.

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