Local stadiums in deplorable state

By Taurai Maunga

Local authorities in and around Kwekwe have failed to maintain stadiums and public places which were used in the communities to practice their sports talents.

Kwekwe City Council together with the Redcliff Municipality are failing to give back to the community by abandoning the local stadiums. The places in question here are Amaveni Stadium, Avilion Ground in Mbizo, Ziscosteel Golf Club and Ziscosteel Stadium are the places which have been failed to be maintained by the local authorities to an extent that people are now vandalising them.

The cash shortage in Zimbabwe local authorities has now reached unprecedented levels which is leading to the councils to fail to pay salaries and allowances to their workers.

Services which are being given by these two local authorities they are not including the taking care of these sports centres in the areas.

Interviewing residents in the high density areas they said that they blame the council for not taking care of the centres.

“Long back here in Amaveni, the stadium was beautiful, everything looked nice. We plead that they should do something. The council took good care of the stadium watering the grounds, renovating the grandstands and there was security but now it seems like the council have abandoned the stadium because many things there have been destroyed,’’ said Munyaradzi Mabika.

Last year the Amaveni Stadium which was used by Ivan Hoe Football Club as their home ground was abandoned after Zifa said that the stadium’s condition was not suitable for premier league games.

The Kwekwe Mayor told this publication that they are aware of these sports centres and they are working on that to improve their standards.

‘’The city council is aware of these premises and we will be discussing the issue in the next coming full council meeting to see what we can do with these sports centres,” she said. Redcliff Mayor Clayton Masiyatsva was not reachable for co

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