Decomposing body discovered in Chicago

By William Milasi

A female body in advanced stages of decomposition was late this week discovered in Chicago by residents of the leafy suburb.

By the time of going to print The Midlands Observer was yet to ascertain the identity of the woman.

The cause of death has however remained mysterious with sources suspecting murder or suicide.

The tragic death is suspected to have occurred a fortnight ago.

Head of the Islamic Society of Kwekwe Mission Sheik Abdul Chitenje said they were alerted of the decomposed body by a passerby.

“We were alerted of the decomposed body by a passerby who discovered it on our land. The Centre is a very big place so we discovered the body in a very bushy area before alerting the police,” he said.

Early this week Chitenje said they noticed dogs playing around the area but instead chased them.

The corpse the Islamic cleric said was at an advanced stage of decomposition as the bulky of the skin had peeled off leaving skeletal remains.

“The body was in an advanced stage of decomposition. Most of the skin had peeled off,” he said.

He then added that the on the left hand she the corpse had lost a wrist and the feet which were suspected to have been devoured by wild dogs.

The cleric said he noticed the woman who might have been pregnant could have committed suicide.

“We suspect that she might have committed suicide as we found a belt from her handbag around her neck with the head on the sideways. She was also under a tree,” he said.

On what is suspected to be her belongings was a handbag which has Anti Retroviral Tablets, hospital cards, condoms including a used one which was wrapped in a tissue and stuffed in her undergarment.

Amongst the paraphernalia discovered by the police was a stash of undergarments, a mobile phone, an okapi knife and a male passport.

The cleric advised members of the community to seek counseling when experiencing challenges since suicide is not a solution and also to wait upon God’s time than to take one’s life.

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