Chicken Inn pampers Old People

Arthur Tagara

Inmates at the Amaveni Old Peoples Home were pampered recently by fast food outlet, Chicken Inn, Kwekwe branch when it made a generous donation of their products.

Not only did they donate but also made a special move by spending the lunch time with the elderly who had last tasted meat a long time back.

Chicken Inn manager, Kwekwe branch Bekezela Sibanda said giving back to the community is very important especially for those who own businesses as part of corporate social responsibility and giving back to the communities they operate in.

“The most important thing in life is to give the little you have to someone who doesn’t have and we would like to give back to the community with the small things that we have,” he said.

Amaveni Old People’s Home was founded in 1987 by the Social Welfare organisation.

Since 1987 the home has been operating with the help of Kwekwe City Council, the government, churches and the civil society at large.

Alford Makotore the treasurer of the Old People’s Home told The Midlands Observer that, for some time now the home has been facing some serious challenges due to the economic hardships the nation is facing currently.

“Things are no longer moving the same way they used to be in the beginning,” Makotore said.

“Some of the organisations that have been contributing in giving their hand at this home have ceased because of the economic meltdown,” he said.

“The other thing is that some of the help we get from the government is not consistent,” he added.

“There is also a shortage of facilities at this home and our inmates also are growing older and older which makes a serious requirement of monthly check ups and provision of healthy facilities like medication,” Makotore said.

He also urged funeral parlours to come in and assist with some funeral policies for the inmates saying it would help a lot when it comes to the issues of the loss of lives of some inmates.

“Sometimes we face challenges when some of the inmates dies since they do not have funeral policies,” he said.

Meanwhile a group of women called the Mamoyo led by Trish Madamombe made an inspiring move by donating some hampers of groceries which included mealie meal, potatoes, rice, soap, cooking oil amongst others.

This group of six women who are mainly health professionals went on further to provide health services to the inmates and also promised to continue giving monthly check ups to the inmates.

The founder of the group Trish Madamombe told this publication that their mandate as women is to alleviate poverty in the marginalised old people homes and orphanages. She said this work they started at Amaveni Old People’s Home shall continue as long as they live.

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