30 families affected by erratic storms

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More than 30 families in Silobela including Chief Gobo were affected by erratic storms that hit Kwekwe District recently.

The Chief and some of his subjects in Gobo area, Silobela were forced to live in the open before the timely intervention of the Kwekwe District Civil Protection Unit.

The revelations were made by Kwekwe District Administrator Fortune Mupungu who said they had been making frantic efforts to give assistance to the families.

“So far we have managed to pitch tents at two homesteads which are most affected including the chief.

We are working hand in hand with the Ministry of Social Welfare whom we have appealed to to source food relief for the affected families,” he said.

He added that electricity pole and lines were damaged during the storms but Zesa personnel had already been informed and they were making plans to attend to the disaster.

In an interview Chief Gobo, told this publication that their situation was dire and a swift response is needed to take them out of the crisis.

“The CPU provided us with tents and we are currently making use of that but the granary housing the Zunde Ramambo was also affected although part of the roof is still intact but I worry if the rains keep on pounding. Like yesterday there were heavy rains and we had to squatter in the only remaining room as the tent let in water,” he said.

Meanwhile in ward 5, 28 families were left homeless after heavy rains destroyed their homes whilst in wards 18 and 21, 12 and 4 families were affected respectively.

At Bharange area under village head Pono, four homesteads were affected. A family of four was injured and received treatment at Silobela Jackson Clinic.  

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