Woman impregnated by hubby friend seeks court protection


A woman from Amaveni who was allegedly impregnated by her friend’s husband approached Kwekwe Civil Court seeking a protection order.

Brenda Mashangani (26) sought a peace order against her former friend after having a child with her husband.

Mashangani was complaining that her former friend Letty Sithole is giving her a hard time harassing her every time she sees her after having a child with her husband.

Mashangani told the court that for the past few months she was receiving a hard time from Sithole and she is even taking her issue with the complainant seriously to the extent that she also harasses her relatives.

“Sithole comes to my house several times shouting at me because I have a child with her husband. She shouts at any of my relatives if she sees them and all I want is for the court to grant me a peace order.  I don’t want her to come to my house,” said Mashangani.

Every story has two sides, Sithole explained her side saying that her friend betrayed her by having an affair with her husband.

“I disagree with what she is saying because we were friends and she is lying that the child belongs to my husband it belongs to her other boyfriend because my husband and her boyfriend are fighting for the child.’’

She added on to say, “I didn’t harass her or follow her at work she is the one who passes by my place.”

Magistrate Story Rushambwa granted the peace order to both women. He told them that to make things better they should try by all means to avoid each other.

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