Wife basher fined


A man from Mbizo was recently dragged to the Kwekwe Magistrate Court for beating his wife.

He was ordered to pay $30 fine or spend ten days in prison.

Ronald Mukana (30) of Mbizo was recently brought before Kwekwe Magistrate Tayengwa Sangster after assaulting his wife with fist and a stick at their home.

It is in the state papers that on the 27th of October this year, Mukana assaulted his wife Florence Lunga with a stick and also using fist though the complainant didn’t suffer injuries.

Mukana pleaded guilty to the charges though he refused some of the allegations saying that there is exaggeration.

“It’s true I assaulted my wife on the day in question but it was a terrible mistake. I didn’t mean to hurt her, I was drunk. I didn’t beat her with a stick or fist all I remembered is that I beat her with an open hand and as we are speaking right now I have already asked for forgiveness to my wife for my wrong doings,” said Mukana.

Mukana pleaded guilty of the allegation and the court charged him to pay $30 fine that same day or to spend ten days in prison as a first offender.

Sangster urged all the men out there to respect their woman and love them because as domestic violence is a serious offence.

“Men should love and respect their women because they are very important and it is a big crime for one to beat\assault his wife. It is wise for a couple to solve their issues in peace than to solve them through violence,” said Sangster.

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