WCOZ challenges MPs, councillors to deliver on promises


Gweru– Women Coalition of Zimbabwe (WCOZ) has urged legislators and councillors to deliver on their electoral promises.

The women organisation has also said the office bearers must be champions of improved service delivery being cognisant of the prevailing economic challenges.

The clarion call comes as women have raised concerns over the prevailing economic challenges indicating that they are the worst hit.

Speaking at the post- election discussion which was held in Gweru by the Zimbabwe Union of Journalist (ZUJ), WCOZ Midlands Chapter Representative Mejury Makunere   said its high time elected officials must deliver on their promises.

“It’s high time politicians must deliver on the promises they made before the July elections and ensure that women are given and afforded opportunities in all aspects of life.

“All elected officials should revisit and work on the action implementation because implementation process start now,” she said

Makunere said despite woman representation in governance increased from the previous    representation to 35 percent currently there is still need to uplift and empower women into strategic decision making positions until there is 50/50 representation.

“We need more women in higher decision making positions be it in political parties, companies, government or wherever women should also stand up and demand their space.

“Create more job opportunities by reopening   of companies, and more efforts in women empowerment in all sectors be it NGO’s private or Public sectors” she said

Young Women Forum (YWF) member, Shailet Mushayavanhu said the Post-election economic outlook is not attractive hence the need to make haste in its recovery.

“Looking at the post-election period you would have noticed that has been serious economic instability, with prices of basic going high and now some out of reach.

“So as young women we expect the ministers and Members of Parliament who came to self their manifesto to own up the pledge,” said Mushayavanhu.

WCOZ has been lobbying for a 50/50 representation of women in government taking their grievances to President Emmerson Mnangangwa.

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