Five months on Minister’s election campaign billboards still hanging


Five months after the July 31 harmonized elections Local Government Minister July Moyo’s election campaign billboards are still hanging.

Moyo was eyeing Redcliff Constituency as a parliamentary candidate.

The powerful politician was however stopped in his tracks by his then Redcliff Municipality employee Lloyd Mukapiko.

Mukapiko who was contesting with his boss Moyo who was a Local Government Minister was employed as a graveyard assistant.

A position he held until recently when he assumed his parliamentary role.

The now Redcliff Legislator said angry MDC youths wanted to pull down the campaign billboards since the election period is over.

“I told the youths to exercise restraint after they raised the issue with me. They even wanted to pull down the billboards but I told them there are channels of addressing the issues,” Mukapiko said.

The financially muscled cabinet minister erected election billboards across the constituency.

He managed to bankroll his campaign which saw him drilling boreholes in the constituency, donated building material to schools, introduced projects for women and youths amongst other initiatives.

Mukapiko has since described his relationship with Moyo as cordial.

“I enjoy a cordial relationship with the minister. I have to work with him for the development of the constituency. I need his support a Local Government Minister to see to it that he assists us with the water challenges which we are experiencing as a constituency,” he said.

Redcliff Mayor Clayton Masiyatsva said he was going to engage and find out if the council is benefitting from Moyo’s billboards.

“I am going to engage people with relevant information in council and see if the council I benefitting through the Ministers’ billboards. As it is a standard practice that billboards must pay to the local authority,” he said.

Meanwhile, the legislator said the Minister understands the challenges being faced by Redcliff as he owns stays in the area.

“The water problems under the purview of Minister Moyo are not something which is alien to him. He is cognizant of the challenges we are facing as he is someone who stays in the area and I will continue engaging him until we find a sustainable solution to the problem,” he said.

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