Churches play a critical role in peace promotion


Churches play an integral role in ensuring that there is peace and tranquility in the community.

Speaking at an interdenominational donation to prison services Reverend Cosmas Pamaso underscored the role of the church in peace promotion.

Kwekwe has recently been on the spotlight following turbulence which has been caused by machete wars.

The Greater Kwekwe planned event saw prisoners receiving donations in the form of food stuffs and clothing.

In his opening devotion Pamaso challenged prisoners to see their situation beyond incarceration.

“I want to encourage you the prisoners who are the main reason for this gathering to stop focusing on your present situation but to see beyond this current situation,” said Pamaso.

He sledged society for focusing on the negative.

“Many of us today we are not living at peace because we have taught our eyes to focus on negative things that wipe away hope.

“Peace is one of the most precious things that is worthy more than silver and gold,” he said.

He said peace of mind is vital.

“No matter how hard life may hit on you or how difficult things may become, if you have got peace of mind and of the heart things will start to flow.

“Many people today are not stable in life because they are lacking peace and they are also living in confusion,” Pamaso said.

The Reverend applauded women of greater Kwekwe for the donations which they have been giving.

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