Zibagwe Council chairperson appeal for speed in rural electrification


Zibagwe Rural District Council (ZRDC) Chairperson Chamunongwa Zvishamira has appealed to the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission Distribution Company (ZETDC) to expedite the Rural Electrification Program.

Zvishamira said the power utility must double up effort as the programme is lagging behind in Kwekwe District consequently disadvantaging rural developmental projects in educational institutions and health facilities.

The chairperson cited schools such as Donjani Secondary School, Saint George Primary School and Bhamhala amongst others which have been affected.

Consequently the situation has seen rural schools failing to effectively implement the new curriculum.

He ZETDC was paid its full amount in March by rural schools but now the year is now coming to an end without any development in the electrification of the schools.

“The ZETDC must compensate all the rural schools that managed to pay the entire electrification amount because it’s been so long,” said Zvishamira.

Zvishamira said rural electrification can bring along benefits to the schools, agriculture and mining sector because they are efficient when using electricity.

“ZETDC must meet the obligations of the people in the rural areas since electricity is paid. It can be a benefit to the government through tax.

“The rural schools are now backward in terms of the new curriculum because it involves the use of electronic media and computers.

“It is noted that electricity is a pre-requisite in the educational sector,” said Zvishamira.

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