Midlands Provincial Education Director retires


Gweru – Veteran educationist Agnes Gudo who served Midlands Province as an Education Director for nearly two decades has retired.

Midlands Provincial Affairs Minister Larry Mavhima applauded Gudo for serving the Primary and Secondary Education Ministry with distinction as a PED for 16 year.

Mavhima said the educationist has left imprints in the education sector not only in the province but also the country a large.

The legacy left but Gudo Mavhima said will live on as she has left a province which is excelling in education.

In a speech read on his behalf by the Ministry’s Director Clayto Diwa, Mavhima said the province will remain grateful of the massive contributions to the education sector made by Gudo.

“As a Province we have opened a new chapter in as far as education is concerned because Agnes Gudo has led the system in the Province from 2002- 2018 and to us it’s a legacy which will live on and on.

“Pass rates has increase in the Province because of Mai Gudo’s hard work and she has promoted development through the construction of schools in the Province and to that we remain grateful,” said Mavhima.

Jazz artist Bob Nyabinde was all plaudits for Gudo.

The ‘headmaster’ as Nyabinde is affectionately known by his legion of fans said Gudo was an inspiration.

Nyabinde himself an educationist before he ventured into music full time retired from education as a headmaster.

The jazz crooner said Gudo during her tenure in office was an inspiration to many with her dedication to duty seeing development and educational   strategies which have changed the province.

“I have a guitar I made for myself because Agnes Gudo inspired me to do my music at the same time she encouraged me to continue with my work as a headmaster because she wanted us to work towards one goal of providing quality education and building the country with knowledge to our children,” said Nyabinde.

Nyabinde said Gudo encouraged him to follow his passion.

“When I was facing a lot of criticism since I was still at work but I was happy when she emphasized that people should leave me to play,” he said.

Gudo thanked Gweru community for the love and support   saying the Province should continue to uphold the spirit of teamwork and loyalty.

“I thank you for the love and support you gave me during my term of office and continue with that spirit of team work because without team work we cannot achieve anything,” said Gudo.

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