Likwa found not guilty


Suspected machete gang leader Likwa Ngwenya (31) has been found innocent on an assault charge after he recently appeared before Gweru Magistrate Phathekile Msipa.

Likwa was discharged after the complainant failed to turn up for court.

He was facing an assault charge and two counts of malicious to damage charges.

Likwa has been in an out of courts answering to a gamut of charges ranging from assault to murder.

In the fresh charges the notorious gang leader the State argues threatened to chop a rival gang with machetes if they refused to vacate the mining site they were occupying.

 In the state papers as presented by the State Prosecutor Andrew Marimo (  count one) on the 17th of April 2018 Ngwenya crushed Norman Gweru’s mining equipment with a hammer before assaulting him for refusing to vacate the area.

On the same date the accused person proceeded to Gaika mine where Norman Gweru was pumping water intending to start mining activities.

He (the accused)  started cutting pipes  of the water pump and generator power codes resulting in the damage of the alternator generator ,30HD pump control box ,power supply board and over load relay, terminal blocks, and crushed the joining kits with a hammer.

In attempt to stop the accused from vandalising the property, Gweru was heavily assaulted and threatened with the use of machetes and chisels if he would continue with his mining activity.

The complainant sustained serious injuries as a result of the assault.

On the second count Ngwenya teamed up with his gang and pulled off the pipe supplying one of Martha Mwale‘s generators resulting in the loss of 30 litres of diesel and he eventually fled the scene.

Ngwenya and company were however spotted by two of Mwale‘s employees who then proceeded to alert the police about the incident.

The damaged property valued at US$1619.  The accused was sentenced to $200 fine or face 30 days imprisonment on the first count of malicious damage to property,

 On second count of assault he was acquitted and not found guilty because the complainant didn’t came to testify and the third count of malicious damage to property the accused was $200 fine or face 30 days imprisonment

The notorious  gang leader of one of the machetes gangs  is  fighting for the control of the Gaika Mine gold fields  has stormed headlines since 2016 when he was accused and arrested for killing a rival gang leader Washington Dick who was found hacked with machetes  near Sable flats in Kwekwe .

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