Kwekwe city constructs toilet block at rank following public outcry


Kwekwe City Council has started the construction of a toilet at the Redcliff commuter omnibus rank in the Central Business District.

The construction follows a public outcry over the ticking health time bomb which the city had been sitting on.

The non existence of ablution facilities at the terminus saw commuter operators and passengers relieving themselves in nearby bushes.

Council has a pay toilet behind the court house.

The pay toilet has been snubbed as people would not afford the charges thereby making bushes and alleys convenient places.

The construction of the toilet block commenced in September.

Speaking to this publication the Kwekwe Mayor Angeline Kasipo said the construction of the toilet was long overdue.

“We have developed the new rank after we realised that the other terminus were becoming too crowded and every public place deserve a toilet.

“Kwekwe City Council wants to develop the City and we argue every citizen to participate in making our city great again,” she added.

In the Central Business District of Kwekwe there are three bus terminuses.

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