Government working to integrate youths into mainstream economy


Government is working to integrate youths into the mainstream economy so that they can contribute to vision 2030 through the impartation of life skills.

 Youth, Sports, Arts and Recreation deputy Minister Yeukai Simbanegavi said youth’s participation is also vital in achieving President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s vision 2030 which is aimed at transforming Zimbabwe into a middle income economy.

Simbanegavi was speaking at the commissioning of three youth incubation and production hubs namely Kaguvi Diary, Midlands Events Management and the official handover of state of the art equipment to Zvishavane at Kaguvi Vocational Training Centre recently.

The hubs, the youthful cabinet minister said were started through the department of employment creation, department of vocational and training skills, department of youth development to ensure youth empowerment.

She encouraged youths who might not have excelled academically to make use of vocational training centres were they will be equipped with life skills so that everyone can contribute to the national vision of economic development.

To ensure accessibility of the centres to every youth in the country government is going to introduce vocational training centres in all the country’s districts.

The inclusive approach adopted by government is aimed at reaching out to youths mostly in the rural areas who have suffered neglect.

“Each and every district must have a vocational training centre. The whole point of decentralizing to districts is to increase accessibility of youths in the rural areas.

“We want to create an enabling environment to make youths realize their dreams. That is the whole essence of giving youth life skills.

“We want to facilitate youths with skills so that they will be ready for the labour market,” she said.

Most vocational centres in the country government contend are in need of renovations.

“We are working to improve the vocational training centres so that they will be in sync with changing times,” she said.

Government is looking for innovative youths who are adaptable to the changing technological times.

“We need youths who are innovative, we want to support the youths to be empowered economically,” she said.

Simbanegavi said the essence of national transformation is not to leave anyone behind.

“Every youth must be given a platform to participate in national economic development. That participation includes every youth regardless of their educational qualifications. We are therefore, emphasizing the importance of vocational training centres so that youths will be equipped with skills,” she said.

“As a Ministry we want to have youths who will understand modern technology and adapt to the changing times.

“We want to impart life skills, so that youths will be productive members of the society. Everyone must participate in vision 2030 everyone must participate in economic development. Participation will only come after people have been equipped with relevant skills,” she said.

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