GIZ rehabilitates GCC reservoirs at $60k


Gweru– Germany Development Cooperation (GIZ) and Gweru City Council (GCC) recently opened the kopje reservoirs at a cost of $60 000 following the problem of water flow in the tanks for 10 years.

Speaking at the re- commissioning of the tanks in Gweru, GIZ Project Manager, Stephen Lisba said  the organisation together with Gweru council traced the problem at the reservoirs with a team of experts from who helped to restore the situation  by opening a valve at a cost of $ 60 000 .

“We spent around $60 000 to get  a team from Germany who spent time with Robson Manase digging around and looking at where the pipes are in order to solve the problem  on why the water was not getting into the tanks.

“So it was a two months exercise and we discovered that the problem was just a valve, one valve to get the water back into the tanks. So we opened the valve and now here we are we are now using the tanks again,” said Lidsba

He further said Germany sees more cost in maintaining the already available property than rebuilding.

 “Maintaining the already existing infrastructure is much cheaper than re constructing because re building is costly and requires a lot of resources. The council has been working with us to help them in setting new infrastructure but instead we see rehabilitation being the best because it proved to be much more cost effective,” he said.

He applauded the council for its commitment and cooperation throughout the process saying they are setting an example in the country with regards to water management and infrastructure maintenance.

The re -commissioned reservoirs have a total capacity of 65 mega litres which help as a water storage facility in emergence cases.

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