Country ripe for a Zanu PF led GNU: Opposition leader


An opposition leader has said a Government of National Unity (GNU) led by the governing Zanu PF with the involvement of other opposition parties is now advisable to extricate the country from the economic crises.

Speaking from his United Kingdom base in an interview Maat President Neferkare Nembeware said opposed to a Transitional Authority, a GNU is the way to go for the country.

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has since called for the creation of a “national transitional authority” to deal with the country’s worsening economic crises

Chamisa said the arrangement would be a bottom up approach to involve citizens, churches and other stakeholders.

 Nembeware has however, said, “A GNU as opposed to a Transitional Authority, is now advisable for Zimbabwe.”

The GNU, Nembeware said must be led by Zanu PF with the participation of all, “active political parties,” where talent would be drawn.

The opposition leader said it would be a costly mistake if the arrangement involves only Zanu PF and MDC.

 “The GNU must never been an understanding between the MDC Alliance and Zanu PF only as that will be a costly mistake. The economy will be bolstered through this GNU which will bring in much needed investment and create jobs. This will stabilize the fiscus,” he said.

Nembeware explained that it’s impossible to have a transitional authority after coming out of an election.

“A Transitional Authority presupposes a new leadership at the helm, usually very technocratic in its composition and apolitical. It’s likely to bring instability in the country so that option is not practical,” he said.

He added, “We must be realistic and pragmatic, real visionary leadership is now needed, not posturing.”

The GNU, Nembeware said will bridge gaps in the country which he described as, “precariously polarized.”

“There is no option but to close the gap. The current trajectory seems not sustainable,” he said.

The inclusive government the opposition leader said will bring the much needed stability in the country a situation which will attract international goodwill, “which will bring with it inward investment to Zimbabwe, stabilizing and improving the economy pretty much overnight.”

“Once in a GNU, the opposition is in a better position to enforce some of the pending reforms from inside. What Zimbabwe needs is what I will call a soft landing. As of November 2017 the country has been in a transformational phase but the key is it must be gradual to maintain stability,” he said.

Nembeware said it will be tragic for the inclusive government to leave amongst other leaders himself, Nkosana Moyo and Noah Manyika amongst others.

“It will also be wise to involve the diaspora as there is a lot of talent there,” he concluded.

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