Council to turn old beer halls to vocational centres


Kwekwe City Council is planning to turn abandoned beer halls into vocational training centres.

The council run beer halls dotted around the city were run down by the authorities over the years following poor management to turn around the fortunes of the loss making drinking outlets.

Kwekwe Mayor Angeline Kasipo said council is converting the now defunct beer halls into vocational training centres.

“We want to convert all the abandoned places which belong to Kwekwe city council into vocational training centres for everyone to benefit,” she said.

Amaveni’s popular Big Bhawa is going to be converted into Muvaki vocational training centre in the next few months.

The beer hall has been abandoned for more than five years.

According to the Kwekwe Mayor not only the Amaveni bar is going to be converted to a vocational centre but they will also do that to other beer halls which are abandoned in the city of gold.

The administration has now decided to come up with a new strategy of transforming the beer halls to vocational training centre.

In June this year the local authority transformed a Mbizo 16 beer hall into a clinic after suffering abandonment and neglect for years.

 Earlier this month speaking at Kaguvi Vocational Training Centre, Sport, Art and Culture Deputy Minister Yeukai Simbanegavi underscored the need for youths  to develop their skills in the vocational training centre.

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