Business man fix colleagues for taking brick moulding machine without permission


A business man has dragged colleagues to court for taking his brick moulding machine without his permission.

 Maphius Mutasa dragged five of his colleagues to court for the offence.

Nehemiah Chikwira (44), Musiwa Mhandire (25), William Muzanezuva (22), Tapiwa Mhandire (28) and Ngonidzashe Mhandire (30) were brought to the Kwekwe Magistrate Court Story Rushambwa for taking a moulding brick machine from Mutasa without his permission.

Chikwira denied the allegations.

In his defence he said they had supplied Mutasa with river sand worth $480.

After the incident Mutasa started avoiding them.

“Mutasa was surprised when he saw us before he called me aside were he gave me $200 which he said that’s all he had,” Chikwira added, that the business man then told him to placate his restive colleagues who refused.

Mutasa it is reported then suggested that they took his machine which they were supposed to return after he had settled the balance.

Upon settling the outstanding balance Chikwira and his friends then returned the machine before Mutasa made an about turn.

When Mutasa was brought to the court he told the court that, “The accused took my machine without my approval they even insulted me using vulgar words but I told them that I only have $200 at the moment I will give you the rest at the end of the day”.

“I decided to go to the police and when they were called by the police that is when they returned my machine,” he claimed.

Magistrate Story Rushambwa dismissed the matter for lack of merit.

“It is clear that the complainant wanted to fix you because you pressurised him to pay you. This was a complete waste of time, go home,” he dismissed them.

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