‘Hubby brings girlfriends home’

By Mike Chakwana

In a case of love turning sour a Kwekwe woman has dragged her husband who brings girlfriends to their matrimonial house to court.

Grace Marima filed a protection order against her husband Jonathan Kwenda whom he said is defiling and disrespecting their home.

Narrating her ordeal before Kwekwe Civil Court Magistrate Vimbai Mutukwa, Marima highlighted that her life is in danger as her husband has turned their house into a club since he always brings different women to their matrimonial home.

“My husband has turned our matrimonial home to a club since he brings in different women who are his girlfriends daily and my life is in danger,” she told the court.

“As if that is not enough, he also bring some of his girlfriends’ children to the house and that pains me a lot because when I express my reservations he always verbally and physically assault me whenever he feels like,” Marima added.

Kwenda however denied ever assaulting Marima and dismissed the fact that he brings different women to their matrimonial on a daily basis.

“Some of the things that this woman is saying are false, she is exaggerating the whole thing just to tarnish my image,” said Kwenda.

Magistrate Mutukwa highlighted that domestic violence is a crime and it can land one in jail. She also granted the protection order in favour of Marima.

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