Government must fund Zunde RaMambo

By William Milasi

Traditional leaders in Midlands’s province have appealed to government to fund the Zunde RaMambo.

Zunde raMambo is a Shona method of growing and storing grain for use during the time when food supplies are either high or low.

During the time of plenty, the grain would be used to take care of the disadvantaged and when it is low the poor will benefit as well.

Chief’s Council deputy president Senator Chief Zama Ntua Mkwananzi Ngungumbane told journalists on the sidelines of the chiefs, army interface that traditional leaders are appealing for government funding on the programme.

Ngungumbane extended gratitude to the army for support in procuring seeds and fertilizers from seed companies.

“Our roles as traditional leaders are interlinked,” he said.

Amongst the roles traditional leaders in their areas of jurisdiction must provide economic security, environmental security and food security.

“We are the real custodians of natural resources which are in abundance in Midlands. We are permanent representatives of the people as councillors and legislators come and go. So, we play a crucial role as we are involved in any economic activity not only in the province but nation,” he said.

To ensure food security Ngungumbane appealed to the government to fund the Zunde Ramambo programme.

“Food security the onus is on traditional leaders to provide in times of plenty and in times of needy.

“ Zunde Ramambo is a government initiative which was put in place to help communities. Over the years we have had challenges in funding of the programme.

“Government has not been funding until the army cane to assist. We were forced to fund the programmes form our own pockets

“We want to thank seedco and Fertilizer Company for chipping in assisting and enhance development, unity and security in the community,” he said.

Added Ngungumbane, “We are appealing to the government to start funding the Zunde Ramambo concept as it goes a long way in safeguarding food security, a major role of a traditional leader in the devolution,” he said.

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