Fertilizer firm in awareness campaigns on ammonium spillage

By Arthur Tagara

Fertilizer manufacturing company Sable Chemicals has embarked on awareness programmes aimed at educating societies on the dangers related to Ammonium Nitrate transportation.

Following the decommissioning of the electrolysis plant in 2015 which has been consuming almost a quarter of the country’s electricity, the giant Sable Chemicals has not been in a position of producing Ammonium Nitrate.

Since its commencement this 2018 the organisation has been spending thousands of dollars importing Ammonium Nitrate from South Africa and Zambia.

This is after some few years of incorporation which was caused by the economic meltdown and some financial constraints the firm has been facing.

Speaking at an awareness meeting held at Kwekwe District Administrator’s office recently, Sable Chemicals Safety and Health senior officer Abram Mtshena notified members of the society not to tamper around with the rail lines equipment and also to respect railway lines.

“We are urging the society to respect some rules and regulations that governs the railway lines here in our country,” he said.

He added “we are facing challenges with criminals who are prompting obstructions on the tracks of railway lines.

Foreign objects may be left inadvertently in the path of an income locomotive which sometimes is leading to rail accidents hence triggering the loss of lives and the wastage of resources.

So far we have recorded two accidents this year, one which occurred in Beit-bridge and the other one in Gweru.”

This has been done as a strategic plan to reduce rail accidents which are a result of the damages being caused by people who live near railway lines.

“Since rail transport is the mode most used by Sable Chemicals in the transportation of Ammonium Nitrate from outside countries like South Africa and Zambia, as an organisation in conjunction with the National Railways of Zimbabwe we are emphatically urging members of the society especially those living near railway lines not to tamper around railway lines.

Some of these cases may lead to the derailment of the locomotives hence losing a lot finances and causing harm to the environment,” he said.

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