Woman fight spills to curt

By Mike Chakwana

A fight over a woman spilled into the courts after two m`e“n were charged with disorderly conduct.

The state papers states that on the 21 of September 2018 around 2350 hours were Wellington Dube and Takudzwa Svongera had a misunderstanding at Arc Angels night club Amaveni Kwekwe over a lady.

Svongera and Dube appeared before Kwekwe Magistrate, Story Rushambwa facing charges of public disorder.

The court said Dube and Svongera had a misunderstanding but Dube was the first to slap Svongera on the left cheek with an open hand.

Dube also hit Svongera with an empty bottle on the mouth suffering from severe injuries.

“My aim was not to injurer Svongera but just wanted to bite him without having any injurer,” said Dude.

“Dude slapped me on my left cheek and hit me with an empty bottle which made me to suffer from injuries,” said Svongera.

The two are being accused of violating the public by not maintaining the peace and order of the Amaveni people.

Svongera suffered some heavy injuries and he didn’t seek medical attention hence they were no medical report to be produced in the court.

The court papers said the two fought each other with open hands provoking the peace that was at the beer.

“The two accused violated the law of codification and they also disturbed the peace and order that was at the club during that day,” said Rushambwa.

Dube and Svongera were to pay $100 and if they don’t pay they will be jailed for 30 days.

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