No bad blood: Kasipo

Senior Reporter

Kwekwe mayor Angeline Kasipo has said there is no bad blood between her and Midlands Provincial Affairs Minister Larry Mavhima.

Mavhima told Kwekwe based scribes last week that Kasipo ignored his invitation for an engagement with local authorities.

The snub Mavhima said is not only counterproductive but also tantamount to undermining his authority.

“When I call meetings at my level it’s because we will have serious issues which we want to discuss.

“We had a meeting with local authorities last week and for some reason, the mayor of Kwekwe decided she had more important business to attend to, so she did not attend,” he said.

The powerful politician said he was disappointed with Kasipo as she chose not to heed his order.

“I was not enthused by that because the mayor of Gweru was there and the chairperson of Zvishavane Town Council was also there and these are opposition led municipalities,” he said.

Kasipo has however, said she did not snub the provincial boss and also insisted that Kwekwe City was well represented at the indaba.

“I did not snub the minister. I had business which I was attending to in Bulawayo. The deputy mayor (Shadreck Tobaiwa) Town Clerk (Emmanuel Musara) and the Chamber Secretary however represented Kwekwe,” she said before adding, “My trip was before I knew about the Minister’s invitation.”

Mavhima has however, cautioned Kasipo not to play politics.

“Let’s not take our political battles to the extent that they affect rate payers. When we call meetings, we want to address issues that affect residents in our various communities. When we sit together, we are no longer partisan. We are now looking at is as elected officials or as civil servants employed by one government.

“Even as we go into devolution, we are still talking about one government; we are still a unitary State. We are not a Federal State; we are a unitary State with one government, one President and one parliament that disseminates information to provincial levels,” he said.

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