Jealous wife burns woman over hubby

Court Reporter

A Zhombe jealous woman was sentenced to ten months in prison after she assaulted and burnt  an innocent woman causing her permanent injuries on the 17th of August 2018 following suspicions that she was having an affair with her husband.

Laiza Chirivani (42) was brought before the Kwekwe Magistrate Story Rushambwa facing charges of assaulting Brenda Makiwa (28) at Chombe Stand in Zhombe.

It is in the state papers that Chirivani’s husband borrowed a plate of sadza from Makiwa and when he came back to pay her money some prostitute saw him and reported that to Chirivani alleging that her husband was having an affair with Makiwa.

On the 17th of August Chirivani visited Makiwa at her work place and started to demand change from the money which was left by her husband. It was said that when Chirivani arrived Makiwa was breast feeding her child and she started beating her before she took burning fire wood and burnt her.

After using the fire wood Chirivani took a pot of boiling water and poured it on Makiwa’s body that’s when she ran in her shop after facing those assaults.

Chirivani denied the allegations saying that, “We were fighting with the complainant i didn’t only attack her but I was defending myself because she is the one who started to hit me,” said the accused.

Kwekwe Magistrate Story Rushambwa opposed that arguing how can one defend themself from someone who is breastfeeding and later on used fire wood and boiling water to injure?

“How can a fully grown up woman like you listen to rumours from stupid prostitutes, even if it was self defence still you exceed the boundary,” he said in passing sentence.

Medical report indicated that Makiwa suffered from burnt spots on her chest, back and other parts of the body.  Makiwa was sentenced to twelve months in prison and two will be suspended because it’s her first offence hence she will serve ten months effectively.

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