Business man shells nearly 30K on developmental projects

For Silobela to develop it needs the contribution of each and every one of us. I am going to play my part.

By William Milasi

Business tycoon turned politician Fanuel Sibindi has shelled nearly $30 000 in developmental projects aimed at improving lives in Silobela.

Sibindi is a losing parliamentary candidate for Silobela.

He lost the ballot to Zanu PF’s Mthozisa Manoki Mpofu of Zanu PF. Silobela amongst other issues is battling infrastructural challenges, deepening unemployment and food insecurity amongst other challenges.

He highlighted that he will be working to complement the efforts of Mpofu.

“Though we might differ in terms of ideology and principles I believe we have to agree with the incumbent that development for the constituency must take precedence.

“For Silobela to develop it needs the contribution of each and every one of us. I am going to play my part,” he said.

I have set aside nearly $30 000 which is aimed at developmental projects for youths and women in the constituency.

The drought prone constituency consists of 14 wards.

“The key issue is sustainability. I think for the constituency to develop everyone must play their part. I am giving each and every ward $2000 for developmental programs.

“What we need is to address the deepening unemployment crises in the constituency and we don’t only have to wait for central government but each and every one of us can play their part,” he said.

Sibindi said there is need to come up with a framework which will amongst other things address teething problems in the area such as unemployment, under development and infrastructural decay.

“The constituency is endowed with mineral resources such as gold but the locals are no benefitting. The anomaly can be rectified by coming up with a framework which will ensure that people in Silobela benefit from their resources.

“Once gold has been fully utilized the proceeds will then help in upgrading our infrastructure. Our roads are in a deplorable state, some are even impassable and I am going to play my part to help in terms of infrastructural development,” he said.

Silobela used to rely on mines such as Peace Mine and Jena Mine.

Whilst Jena Mine is still operational it is operating below capacity on the other hand government suspended operations at Peace mine.

The developments had an adverse effect on the community as many able bodied men were thrown out of employment.

In the process they turned to illegal gold panning were, fighting for turf using machetes is common place.

Peace Mine was closed after Mpofu made several representations in parliament calling for its closure.

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