Teacher caught bonking headman’s wife

By Arthur Tagara

A headman under Chief Mketi in Mberengwa received the shock of his life after catching his wife in her birthday suit with a primary school teacher in a compromising position.

The shocking incident which has left villagers tongue tied has left Cephas Chikwavava (70) benumbed after he caught his wife red handed with a well-known teacher from Odza Primary School, Kundai Mlambo(39) during mid-day break on their matrimonial bed.

Chikwavava had been tipped on the previous day by his friend at a drinking party that his second wife Karen Zhou (37) was having an affair with a teacher who she was inviting every afternoon.

Chikwavava said that he decided to wait the following day so as to catch his wife in the act.

“I left my homestead and hid in a nearby bush and indeed saw a man approaching our home going straight to my bedroom. Actually Karen Zhou is my second wife but I had never thought she could stoop so low, with her age I thought she was mature enough to know what is expected of a good headman’s wife, so l decided to pretend to leave for a beer drinking and hid nearby,” he said.

Chikwavava said that he was surprised to see his wife inviting the man into their bedroom.

“I was surprised to see my wife inviting a man into our bedroom and by the time I got there, the two were already naked,” said Chikwavava.

After being caught, Zhou defended herself saying that she had no child and her husband refused to sleep with her saying that that he was too old for such things, so she had desires for herself too.

The chief’s policeman Garai Shumba confirmed the incident and stated that he was nearby when the headman shouted for people to come and witness the insanity.

Shumba also noted that the two lovers would be called to attend the traditional chief court to iron out the matter.

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