Nigerian ambassador meets Kwekwe mayor challenges Zimbabwean women

By William Milasi

Nigerian ambassador to Zimbabwe Janet Bessong Odeka has challenged women in the country to emerge from their cacoon and challenge the status quo.

Odeka recently paid a courtesy call to Kwekwe Mayor Angeline Kasipo.

The ward 10 councillor in Midlands’ mining city made history after she was elected the female mayor to the influential position post independence Zimbabwe.

Women though they account for the country’s biggest population have been relagated to the periphery of social, economic and political spheres.

She said the election of Kasipo to the council’s top position is a testimony that given enabling environment women can rise to the occasion.

“I am here in Kwekwe to pay a courtesy call to Mayor Kasipo. I am here to show my support for the mayor. I am very excited with her election. Her election to the top post as the only female mayor in the country gives hope to women in the country that they can rise to the occasion if given an enabling environment,” she said.

The top female diplomat said women must rise and be counted.

“Women must rise to the occasion and be counted bearing in mind that they have a role to play in the development of the country. Women can contribute in every sphere of life. The election of Mayor Kasipo must be act as an inspiration to women that they can scale dizzy heights,” she said.

Upon her election Kasipo said her elevation to the top post must act as an inspiration to other women.

“I am an ambassador for women. I am here to represent all the women and girls in the country,” she said.

An ecstatic Kasipo said meeting with the Nigerian top diplomat is a very welcoming development.

“I feel humbled to be recognized by the ambassador. Such recognition is really overwhelming,” she said.

Meanhwile, Odeka who also attended Kwekwe’s annual business conference Kwekwe Expo said such events are very welcoming in the deepening of ties with the country.

“As a country such events are very positive as we learn a lot in cultural values of people in the sub regions. In Nigeria we have such kinds of annual cultural feats and having similar activities here is quite an amazing experience,” she said.

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