Masendeke arrested

By Leeroy Mukotekwa

Notorious machate gang kingpin Edward Masendeke (40) was nabbed in connection of a gruesome 2013 murder.

Masendeke was on the run for at least five years after he skipped the boarder to seek refuge after he was pardoned by the courts to apply for bail during the 27 March 2013 murder trial.

The state papers attested that on the 27thof March in 2013 in company of his brothers and accomplices’ Justice Mukarati and Walter Mahofa the gang had a hard hitting argument at Cold Spring Bar with the deceased Jonathan Mpofu.

Eward being the gang leader then forcefully dragged Mpofu out of the bar and then severely battered him with pool sticks until he died.

Masendeke arrest came in the wake of another gruesome murder which occurred at a local bus terminus station last week.

Jefta Matambo (43) was hauled before the courts being charged of murder after the law enforcing agents issued a manhunt for him.

Matambo in company of his other six accomplices who are still at large butchered Clement Moyo to death in the full glare of the community and law enforcing agents who could not give any assistance in fear of their life from the marauding bloodthirsty artisanal miners who were baying for Moyos blood.

The court heard that the two had an argument in the toilet which did not go well with the accused which promoted him and his gang to attack Moyo.

Trusted sources to this publication sang from a different hymnal from that of the court state papers.

“We used to work together at Gaika Mine and now we were working at Horizon Mining fields before this incident which is in relation of gold prospects,” he said under anonymity.

The source also allegedly indicated that the victim in absence of the accused and other coworkers went and prospected for gold and managed to obtain 500g without notifying others.

“We were told that he went to mine with out our knowledge and found at least 500g which he used to buy a herd of cattle. We were not so sure but it proved to be true because he was avoiding us and we were just hearing some gossips of him purchasing five beasts at his homestead,” he said.

It was also revealed to this publication that before the gruesome death the deceased was enjoying some booze with the accused at local terminus before the fall out.

Kwekwe Magistrate Story Rushambwa remanded the duo into custody and indicated that if they intend to file for bail they should serve the papers to the High Court.

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