Kwekwe Zimbabwe’s industrial hub

By Asher Manzini

Zimbabwe’s hot shot business tycoon T/A Executive chairperson Shingi Mutasa has said Kwekwe is the country’s industrial hub.

Speaking at Kwekwe Expo’s ninth edition Mutasa acknowledged that Kwekwe has vast industrial companies which only needed investors.

“This City has got industries that can help revive the country’s economy but what we need is for the investors to assist revive the industries. Many industries have closed due to lack of funding which is worrisome since the place is where most industries are situated that can help resuscitate the development of the city and the country at large,” he said.

He also added that industries in the city need to meet international standards so as to be competitive regionally and globally.

“As a country we need to move with the international standards of production and level of performances which will also help increase competition in the sectors that is healthy for business,” he said.

Mutasa is a major shareholder in Masawani group of companies.

Amongst his notable investments in Kwekwe is Sable Chemicals were he is the chairperson.

Big companies have closed in Kwekwe notable being Zisco Steel.

Meanwhile, Kwekwe Expo Chairperson Eric Musesengwe at the event also pointed out that he was delighted with the exhibitors as it will bring in investors while also increasing sales as people will understand the organisations better.

“I am very pleased with the turnout of exhibitors and their displays as it will increase competitiveness in the industry while also bringing the prospect of investors,” he said.

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